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The Danish Ministry of Immigration and Integration recently introduced an updated version of the citizenship test taken by immigrants seeking Danish citizenship. The test is one of the requirements immigrants must meet before becoming Danish citizens.

The updated test places stronger emphasis on Danish values, culture and traditions compared to previous versions.

It features several multiple choice questions on topics ranging from freedom of speech, equality, the Danish monarchy and political system, to major holidays, popular sports and famous pieces of art and literature. Critics argue the new test overemphasizes trivial cultural knowledge at the expense of more useful information for new citizens. However, supporters believe it will better prepare immigrants to participate in Danish society.

As Danish Immigration Minister Mattias Tesfaye stated,If you wish to become Danish, you must also take Denmark to heart.”

Some specific new focus areas in the test include the rights and safety of women and children, freedom of the press, separation of politics and religion, and the fact that handshakes are customary when meeting someone in Denmark.

The number of questions immigrants can get wrong in order to pass also decreased slightly, making the test marginally harder to pass compared to before. About 70% of questions must be answered correctly now.

Over the last decade, Denmark has made its citizenship laws and naturalization process stricter. The updated citizenship test is part of this ongoing effort to preserve Danish identity and ensure new citizens are wellintegrated.

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